Pueblo Mágico, Tlatlauquitepec

“Pueblo Mágico” is a title given to small picturesque towns throughout Mexico. Each of these towns has its own distinct, rich cultural heritage and offers visitors a peak into its pre-Hispanic history. Recently, we had the opportunity to visit one of these called, Tlatlauquitepec, which is a Nauhuatl (indigenous language) word meaning, “reddish mountain”.

This town is easily reached and managed with welcoming people who have not been contaminated by too much tourism. The backdrop is a large mountain called the Cerro Cabezón that was covered by a thick fog while we were there and added a mysterious feeling as we watched an indigenous dance among the palm trees in the center part of the town. It is also home to a Franciscan convent (no longer in use) that was established in 1531 as well as a market rich in colors and smells. We had a comfortable stay at the Hotel Santa Fe and sampled traditional foods at the restaurant, “El Mural”.

A special thanks to the organizers of the Pueblo Classic Tour, an annual tour involving more than 40 antique cars that travel all around the state of Puebla.

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