Chiles en Nogada

“Chiles en Nogada” is a dish that is made up of a chile poblano, filled with a meat and fruit mixture that has been lightly battered, fried and covered in a sweet nut sauce. Pomegranate seeds and parsley are sprinkled on the top to complete the dish. This delicacy originates from the state of Puebla and is proudly served up in restaurants and homes during the months of July and August.

This is one of my favorita dishes, but not just because it is delicious. It is a true celebration of local, seasonal cooking. Tiny locally grown pears, peaches and a variety of old fashioned apples from small towns all over the state of Puebla are chopped up. Almonds and raisins added as well to make the filling. Because most of these fruits are harvested in July and August, this delicacy is always served towards the end of summer

I love this particular dish, but I always feel a bit of nostalgia while eating it. As I savor the delicious mixture of flavors, I am reminded that summer is slowly fading and fall is not far behind.

A special thanks to the “El Sombrero” restaurant!  I have never been disappointed!

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