La Casa de Frida, Cholula, Puebla

Since I work full time during the week, Saturday mornings are a real treat, something to be savored. This Saturday we decided to have a buffet breakfast with friends in Cholula at a unique restaurant named, “La Casa de Frida”. Throughout the restaurant the walls are decorated with images celebrating Frida Kahlo, a famous Mexican painter who was also the wife of Diego Rivera, another well-known Mexican painter. The buffet included a wonderful selection of locally made sweet breads as well as traditional Mexican breakfast dishes such as “chilaquiles” (tortilla chips in a tomato sauce with cream and cheese) as well as “pozole” (a soup with hominy and pork).

What is also interesting about this restaurant is its wonderful location, right beneath the pyramid and beside the Regional Museum of Cholula. This museum features and celebrates artisanal crafts and artwork from around the state of Puebla. If you have enough energy after exploring the museum, you can walk up to the church at the top of the pyramid where you can enjoy a spectacular view of Cholula and the city of Puebla.

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