Traditional Tamales

In Puebla, you can find sweet tamales that are pink in color and have raisins and/or cream inside. The moist tamale dough is steamed and the delicate pink color provides a contrast to the dark raisins. These are a specialty and are difficult to find outside of Puebla. The other type of tamale that is craved by Poblanos (people from Puebla) is the “mole poblano” (a sweet/savory chocolate sauce) tamal that features this sauce and chicken mixed into the traditional tamal dough. The spicy and sweet mole poblano sauce marries perfectly with the corn tamal dough.

Both of these tamales are found in take out only restaurants known as “tamalerias” or can be bought by “tamaleros” that travel around on a bicycle with a special cart containing an aluminum container where the tamales are steamed and kept warm. As they travel around seeking customers, with the tamale steam trailing behind them, they use a loud speaker and a microphone to advertise the different flavors and to call everyone to come and enjoy this culinary delight.

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