Beyond Donating- México in Crisis

The past few weeks in Mexico have been some of the most difficult moments its people have lived in recent times. With two strong earthquakes occuring only weeks apart, the devastation has been heartbreaking: the loss of lives, the collapsing of buildings…the collapse of everything for many victims.

Two friends, Lenya and Shannon, decided that they wanted to go further than donating to the victims. They wanted to make a deeper connection to an area in need and see about its short and long term needs. Shannon has kindly allow me to share her Facebook post and pictures about the first time they went to begin helping people rebuild their lives.

Today, Don Cecilio was thankful for the tarp to cover his few belongings and a small space for his wife and daughter who cannot walk because she had polio as a child before vaccines and public health made it to this town.

Roberta and Belarmino were thankful for blankets and diapers as they are expecting a baby in the coming days.

Gregoria was thankful for a tarp to cover herself because the other tarps she is using to cover the food for the donkey she depends on each day to go back and forth from the corn fields and the firewood she uses to make her tortillas.

Silvia and her children Pedro and Cristian were thankful for the shovels and picks that were put to work clearing the rubble that was her kitchen this time last week. Her metate was pulled out intact and ready to be cleaned up for making tortillas once again.

“Dios les de más” was the response from our new friends. May God give you more.

-Shannon and Lenya21765315_10155109016997123_7521763425110565365_n copy

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