San Martin Texmelucan

San Martin Texmelucan

Taking small trips out of the city is sometimes just the breather that you need, and we decided to do just that this past Sunday when we went to San Martin Texmelucan, a small city about 30 minutes outside of Puebla. Texmelucan is a Nahuatl word meaning, “place full of oak trees”.

This town was founded in 1540 by San Franciscan priests and has one of the oldest and largest markets in Latin America. Several haciendas were founded around the area including a beautiful one called Chautla. San Martin was also well known for its textile factories, one of which is still standing and we were able to enter and take pictures.

After touring the area, we decided to eat at a quaint restaurant called, “La Albertina” located close to the center of San Martin. The back patio has a talavera fountain along with peacocks. One even decided to try my son’s rice! After ordering a starter of “chalupas” (small tortillas with shredded pork, salsa and onion), we had plates of “tampiqueñas”. Tampiqueña is a tender cut of beef that is generally served with rice and beans, guacamole, slices of poblano chile and a tortilla with mole sauce. After finishing up with café de olla (coffee made with sugar and cinnamon) and a traditional flan, we headed back to the city of Puebla, glad to have been able to enjoy a small part of the richness Mexico.

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