Mostovoi is a quirky little place for breakfast and lunch with its own bakery located in San Andres, Cholula. Getting there early is the key to having a good experience; it fills up fast and the waiting list can be long.

It is a very open space with retro type furniture and accessories as well as plants in the center area. You almost feel that you are on a picnic. Because it is so open, it is a good idea to take a jacket or sweater to keep off the early morning chill.

After checking out what the bakery has to offer for the day, my daughter ordered her favorite bread, a still warm croissant filled with creamy Nutella. After we were seated, the waiter brought us freshly made coffee with her bread and I ordered “chilaquiles” with a green salsa mixed with cream and topped off with shredded chicken and melted cheese. In addition to my favorite dish, they have other traditional Mexican breakfast items as well as a few vegetarian dishes and several different sandwiches.

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