Hacienda Tepetlcalli

Even after almost 27 years of living in Mexico, I am always surprised and delighted to find treasures in out of the way places. The most recent find that some friends shared with us was a hotel/spa that is located in a small and quaint town in the state of Puebla: Tepeyahualco. This hotel with an adjoining restaurant is part of a reconstructed ranch named  Hacienda Tepetllcalli that was established in 1870.

The surrounding area is quite hot and dry, but interior of the hotel and restaurant was cool and fresh. The decorations were a mix of pre-hispanic and colonial with quirky modern touches. The courtyard also provided relief with its plants, trees and fountains.



After receiving a tour of the hotel by the owner’s daughter, we had a very traditional poblano dish that features mole (a chile/chocolate sauce) served over chicken. We were served homemade beans and handmade tortillas as well. As part of our tour we were given a class on how to make tlacoyos, which were oblong shaped thick tortillas with a mixture of ground chickpeas and spices inside. These are served with a red or green sauce, cream and cheese on top.


After a wonderful meal and a quick drink in the bar, we began walking to our cars for the return trip and found ourselves in the middle of a political parade. Everyone was honking their horns, smiling and waving the flags of their party. While I don’t get involved in politics in Mexico, it is always interesting to see the political process in other countries. After waving back, we returned through a rainstorm to the city of Puebla, well fed and rested


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